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Keep DTX stations high and dry

With two recent hurricanes coming ashore of mainland United States in Texas and Florida, and the associated flooding, it got me thinking about future sea rise and storm risk areas in the Bay Area and how future train tunnels and stations might be affected if we were to have a big storm combined with sea level rise.

Firstly, to be clear, my intentions are to be proactive, adaptive and work with the world of higher seas that we are now entering. I have not intention to be alarmist - rather prudent under future dramatic circumstances. Let's just say, with sea level rise we must avoid the unmanageable and manage the avoidable. Seeing that we haven't protected any of our shore yet, new train stations should avoid the unmanageable flooding. However, if have managed the avoidable, as in protecting our low lying lands, stations could be placed in lower lying places.

The current Downtown Rail Extension of the Caltrain line calls for a tunnel from Mission Bay to the Trainforce Transit …

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